How Often Should I Tune My Piano?

It is recommended a new piano should receive four tunings in the first year. This is important as the piano needs to settle in and adjust to the surrounding environment. After the first year it is recommended to tune a piano twice a year, however you should tune once a year at the minimum. This is to ensure the piano stays at the correct pitch of 440 Hz, (concert pitch, international standard pitch) and the string tension is maintained. Changes in climate also affect the pitch of a piano. Concert pianos are tuned before every performance and pianos in other professional settings, are tuned regularly.

Care Of Your Piano

To maintain the inner workings and the regulation of the piano, contact a piano technician. Any cleaning, maintenance and repair work inside the piano, should be left to a piano technician. Throughout the year, try to maintain a consistent temperature for your piano. Do not place your piano next to heaters and air conditioners, or direct sunlight.

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For more information on piano care, please check the APTTA website.

Moving Your Piano

After moving your piano to a new home, it is best to wait two weeks for the piano to settle before tuning as changes in the environment can impact on performance.

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